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Who We Are Now

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Sensor Dynamics has a proud history of developing solutions for vehicle identification and since 2004 has been a leading supplier of Automatic Licence/Number Plate Recognition (LPR / ALPR / ANPR) solutions for parking, traffic, security and law enforcement applications. The system software was all developed in house to meet local requirements, always involving the application of machine vision with vehicles.

Sensor Dynamics have expanded our machine vision solutions to exploit the possibilities of machine learning. Utilising our expertise in cameras, our in-house team of developers and engineers have expanded the LPR/ANPR solution to provide a Vehicle ID solution and Vehicle Classification.

Vehicle ID involves combining the ALPR/ANPR/LPR with other vehicle data such as the make, model and colour of the vehicle. Combined these details create a virtual “fingerprint” for the vehicle. This data improves the accuracy of the vehicle identification over ALPR/ANPR/LPR alone. This makes it ideal for solutions in tolling and parking where identification and matching accuracy equates to revenue.

Vehicle classification utilises machine vision, combined with in house developed machine learning algorithms, to identify and classify vehicles by their type such as sedan, van, SUV and heavy vehicle. Specifically, we have concentrated on identifying and classifying heavy vehicles into different types. This allows cameras to collect data about different vehicle types using the roads, which is useful for Department of Transport groups.

The exceptional performance of our systems is achieved through attention to detail. Every aspect of a systems’ installation is analysed and fine-tuned by our engineers to ensure the highest levels of accuracy. Our software developers specialise in third-party software integration, giving us the flexibility to deliver innovative, customised solutions for any application requiring vehicles to be identified, classified and tracked.

Aside from our great product performance and flexible customisation options, we believe that it’s our ongoing commitment to quality customer service, skilled technical support and transparent consultation that will convince you to work with Sensor Dynamics.



Our Vision

  • Care in everything we do – care for our clients and their businesses, and our people
  • Perseverance – the cornerstone of any successful undertaking
  • A strategy for quality, development and longevity
  • Sustainable growth while maintaining quality of life

Our Mission

To deliver exceptional solutions through genuine care and commitment to successful partnerships

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