Vehicle Information

All vehicle data that is collected by our technology is displayed as information with relevance to your use case.

This information can include:

  • License Plate Information
  • Journey Information
  • Transaction Reports
  • Vehicle Counts

We are able to collect any specialised data with our systems, which can be displayed on LPRnet.

Enhanced Process Automation

To a business, time is an important resource.

Sensor Dynamics aims to optimise the workflow onsite by automating processes and communicating important information back to you.

Our automated solutions ensure that data-driven decisions are made swiftly and accurately, enhancing operational efficiency. By reducing manual intervention, we free up your team to focus on strategic tasks, ensuring through timely alerts and updates that suit a business use case. Our proactive approach to management supports a dynamic business environment.



Unified Control Centre

Managing your hardware can get cumbersome.

Most businesses have multiple systems in place, we help you take control of your hardware by keeping them all in one place. LPRnet is designed to integrate with any hardware on premises via dry contact or network connection and keeps all the controls in one place for easy access.

Make managing your vehicle data simpler with LPRnet.


Take a look at the innovative solutions we offer with LPRnet!