Traffic AI | Portable Traffic Detection System

The Sensor Dynamics Portable Traffic Detection System consists of cameras and sensor mounted on a portable and self contained platform.

Achieve Full Traffic Visibility with Traffic AI

Traffic AI is an ITS ecosystem designed to provide organised Traffic Insights while optimising resource allocation.

Data is collected via on-site hardware linked to cloud software. Traffic AI delivers seamless real-time vehicle data – accessed from one location.

Discover an end-to-end solution that collects comprehensive traffic data for transportation management teams.

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Traffic Data Insights

Access a wide coverage of data capabilities.

Each Vehicle Identification use case can be different and our engineers are committed to taking a holistic view of the project scope to deliver high quality analytics.

Rapid Deployment

Compact by design, Traffic AI Rigs are engineered to swiftly deploy a maximum of 12 Units in one journey.

Sensor Dynamics is committed to precise placement and fast setup to ensure seamless traffic monitoring.


Traffic AI Deployment Time
Traffic AI Truck
Traffic AI Rig

Technical Specifications

Weight: 400kg

Height: 3.1m

Width: 1.05m

Length: 1.05m

Power Storage: 200 Ah

Power Source: Solar Powered

Cellular Connectivity: 4G / LTE

Satellite Connectivity: Starlink