Vehicle Classification – Machine Learning and AI

Do you have vehicles that you need classified or identified? What you thought about using Machine Learning and AI? Have a look at what we can do inside.

Sensor Dynamics uses computer vision (cameras) combined with our locally developed Machine Learning and AI algorithms to classify vehicles.

When a vehicle drives past a camera, we take that image and process it through our edge devices. In real time we can advise what type of vehicle is approaching.

An ideal application we have rolled out for multiple government departments is to identify and collect data on heavy vehicles. The system identifies heavy vehicles and classifies them into different categories to provide data on the type and size of heavy vehicles that are using the roads and critical infrastructure such as bridges. The system can also advise on the type and size of leads that are being carried.

The classification data can be combined with other sensors such as Weigh in Motions (WIMS), strain gauges in bridges, audio sensors to detect noise and air quality monitoring. The system can also track vehicles across areas. Of course the data can be combined with our vehicle identification data such as the license plate.

What is Machine Learning?

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