Taxi Rank Management

Taxis are an essential service, particularly at airports. But how best to manage the flood of traffic in and out of your precinct? Sensor Dynamics have developed seamless solutions.

Taxi Management


The ability to manage taxis between their holding area ranks, forecourts and feeder roads is must for increasing taxi throughput and avoiding disgruntled taxi operators and users.


  • Identification of drivers
  • Billing integration
  • Taxi workflow management
  • Taxi queuing and dispatch compliance

Taxi Short Fare


In the absence of a short fare system, the combination of long queue times to reach the terminal pick up / drop off areas and frequent drop offs close to the airport precinct (known as a ‘short fare’) can lead to driver resentment and potentially an upset visitor.

The answer lies in a short fare system that calculates distance and time from the start location, to establish a consistent and standardised “short fare”. The system utilises licence plate recognition and GPS technology to identify taxis eligible to jump the taxi rank queue based on their previous fare.


  • Time-based validation
  • GPS validation
  • Integration with MTData
  • Avoids queue jumping
  • Operational analytics and reporting


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