LPR / ANPR / Vehicle identification

Need more accuracy than just using a license plate? Want to get a full picture of the type of vehicles in your establishment. Why not implement a deeper Vehicle Identification.

What is Vehicle Identification?

Vehicle Identification moves the focus from the license plate to the whole vehicle. Sensor Dynamics have leveraged advances in machine vision, AI and Machine learning to design a system that now collects a host of data from the vehicle that includes:

  • the license plate
  • make
  • model
  • colour of the vehicle

We can also classify the vehicle by type. This creates a virtual fingerprint for the vehicle.

Why move to Vehicle ID

Where license plate recognition was constantly being challenged by new license plate. Changes include images, emojis, colours and formats. With Vehicle ID we can accurately match vehicles where we only have a partial or even no number plate. This has dramatically improved the ability to accurately identify and match vehicles.


Sensor Dynamics is synonymous in Australia with License Plate Recognition or Automatic Number Plate Recognition (also known variously as LPR, ALPR and ANPR). The business was established in 2004 as one of the first suppliers of the technology for the Australian market.

Initially Sensor Dynamics deployed the technology for petrol stations to prevent drive off fuel theft from self-service stations. Sensor Dynamics then quickly moved into various other markets where application for the technology bought value to their operations. These included:

  • Parking
  • Security
  • Access control
  • Defence
  • Tolling
  • Taxi and bus management systems
  • Enforcement

Sensor Dynamics grew rapidly to dominate in these markets as a supplier to other resellers and also directly to the market. The key to our success is he in-house engineering and development team. This allows us to quickly interface to other systems and also ensure the right cameras are used for the application.

Sensor Dynamics have leveraged our experience in LPR and evolved to vehicle ID. If you have an application that could be improved by this technology contact us here.

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