Bunnings multiScan Case Study

The Problem

Bunnings had a parking problem that they needed to solve. The inner city stores are close to shopping precincts and public transport leading to all day free parking by drivers who are not Bunnings customers.

Bunnings also lacked data on their customers. There are no hard statistics for dwell time, occupancy and turnover. This data can assist with ensuring that the stores are properly staffed based on actual demand.

Finally, the stores are very busy and Bunnings needed to ensure the safety of people using the car park and that customer service and throughput of vehicles was not sacrificed.

The Solution

Bunnings engaged with Sensor Dynamics to install the multiScan ticketless parking solution. The solution uses our License Plate Recognition system paired with boom gates and software to provide a ticketless parking solution. Customers receive 3 hours of free parking, whilst overstayers are charged. A validation system and integration to Bunnings Powerpass is used to provide extra free parking for high spend customers. The equipment includes large LED information screens. The management team have access to detailed reporting on the carpark usage.

Sensor Dynamics also provides all remote customer service via our control room to handle any customer problems at the gates. And safety is ensured by pedestrian detection devices designed and installed by Sensor Dynamics also protects staff and customers who walk across the parking lanes from being struck by the boom gates.

Key Features

  • Ticketless
  • Vehicle Identification based solution (inc. LPR, vehicle make, model, colour and year)
  • Electronic receipts
  • Large LED screens for information
  • Customer vehicle validation via a tablet for seamless exits
  • safeGATE pedestrian detection and cloud reporting
  • Remote customer service

Fast Facts

  • 98%+ accuracy
  • 11 sites
  • Increased turnover
  • Integrated to Bunnings Powerpass