Beecroft Place multiScan Case Study

Beecroft Place, in Sydney’s northern suburbs, is a mixed-use development incorporating retail, dining and residential attributes. The owners wanted to implement a flexible car park management system that would cater to all the different customer groups using the car park whilst maintaining a premium, user-friendly experience.

A Sensor Dynamics multiScan parking system was installed to manage the car park. Vehicles flow into the car park unhindered by any gates whilst having their plates scanned. If retail customers leave within the 3 hour grace period, they can exit the site without interacting with the system at all. Those that need pay can do so at a pay machine by entering in their plate to pay. Residents are on a watch list that allows them unlimited, unpaid access as required.

Key Features

  • Live occupancy information at entrance to car park
  • Cumulative stay time charging to stop turnarounds
  • Partial plate searches on pay machines for customers who can’t recall their whole plate
  • Colour images of vehicles to help locate correct transaction
  • Full audit trail on all vehicle movements through the site

Fast Facts

  • 190 retail car spaces
  • 164 residential spaces in a nested area
  • Two entry lanes and two exit lanes
  • Two Automatic Payment Machines
  • Parking guidance for retail guests
  • 3 hour free parking grace period