Mt Hotham Case Study

The Problem

Mt Hotham installed booths at both end of the resort and manned the access points during the winter ski season. The staff at the booth would manually check permits for validity and issue day passes. This lead to long delays in entering the resort at peak periods. There was also a potential for revenue leakage.

Enforcement of the permits was also manual. Staff would manually inspect window stickers to see if the vehicle had a valid permit. This used valuable staff time. It required the production of actual permits. It also meant that staff would need to walk around between the vehicles to try and see the permit.

The Solution

Mt Hotham decided to sell the permits online via their website. The license plate became the credential for the permit. Sensor Dynamics supplied and installed License Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras at the resort entry and exit. The cameras are set to freeflow, allowing traffic to freely drive into the resort without stopping. The result has been the elimination of queues at the resort entries, giving visitors more time to enjoy at the resort.

Sensor Dynamics also supplied mobile, vehicle mounted, LPR cameras and integrated them to the onsite enforcement software. Now the enforcement officers drive around the resort and the camera automatically reads the plates of the parked vehicles and creates and alert if the vehicle does not have a valid permit.

Key Features

  • Ticketless
  • LPR based solution
  • Free flow access
  • Mobile LPR for enforcement
  • Installed in extreme weather conditions

Quick Facts

  • 98%+ accuracy
  • Fixed LPR on entry and exit
  • Mobile LPR for electronic chalking
  • Integrated to online bookings system
  • Integrated to enforcement solution
  • Traffic congestion eliminated