Innovative solution for managing Taxi Short Fares

Imagine arriving at a destination after a long flight, followed by having to wait in line for taxis to then be faced with an unhappy driver because your destination is a mere five minutes away from the airport. This would not leave a good first impression of that city.

Airports now face with a true need to implement a proactive taxi management system that will properly incentivise drivers to take on short fares. Brisbane Airport was recognised for implementing an innovative solution that cut down queuing times for drivers who completed a short fare within an allocated time allowance. For more information on that project from the Taxi Council please see this link.

The proactive taxi management system solution developed by Sensor Dynamics and installed by Brisbane International utilises Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras at taxi feeder entry points and airport precinct exit points. The system also includes integration into taxi location data from MTData to GPS locate the vehicles. Geo-fencing is then used to standardise “short fare” criteria to identify taxis eligible to jump the taxi rank queue based on their previous fare.

This short fare system combats drivers speeding through their jobs through real-time distance based clocking and allows for clever operational analytics and reporting to be performed to identify continuous improvement opportunities.

For more detailed information on our innovative Taxi Short Fare and Taxi Management solution or similar applications of LPR please contact Sensor Dynamics via our website or on +61 (0)3 8727 6000.