How Pedestrian Detection Technology Can Protect Your Business

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Pedestrian Detection

It’s important that we don’t just cater to vehicles, Pedestrian Detection needs to be a part of the frictionless experience in our car parks. In our movement toward an efficient and modern future, we come through the cross roads between innovation and safety.  Amongst parking solutions, we have managed to reduce congestion and improve revenue and valuable drivers in a carpark with the introduction of boom gates and parking management systems. SafeGate is Sensor Dynamics’ response to ensuring our car parks are kept safe and liability free.

As a standard, businesses must prioritize safety by adopting parking solutions that consider pedestrian’s well-being. Traditional boom gates have been constructed to be heavy-duty, enhancing their durability and effectiveness in vehicle control. However, this robust construction also poses a significant risk; in the event of a pedestrian collision, the consequences can be severe, leading to serious injuries. This liability concern necessitates a re-evaluation of pedestrian safety measures in parking facilities.

Acknowledging the potential hazards associated with conventional boom gates, Sensor Dynamics has proactively addressed these safety concerns. Drawing from our extensive experience in the parking solutions industry, we have witnessed our fair share of incidents involving boom gates. These experiences have underscored the urgent need for safer, more innovative approaches to managing vehicle and pedestrian traffic.


In response, we have developed SafeGate, a cutting-edge addition designed to elevate safety and efficiency. This advanced system seamlessly integrates with our existing License Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras. By leveraging a sophisticated data model, SafeGate is meticulously engineered to detect human presence with high precision. The system utilizes a trained data model on human features to ensure that every individual within its range is detected, thereby minimizing the risk of accidents significantly. This technology is particularly critical in busy parking environments where the interaction between vehicles and pedestrians is frequent and potentially hazardous.

Below is a Demo of SafeGate in Action at Bunnings:

In the demonstration video, it becomes evident how the automated gate system, equipped with the SafeGate Pedestrian Detection technology, plays a crucial role in ensuring pedestrian safety. As an elderly man approaches the gate, the system detects his presence and promptly initiates a response by raising the gate back up. This timely action prevents what could have been a direct hit to the man’s head.

Without such advanced detection technology, the gate would have continued to fall, posing a serious risk to the gentleman’s safety and well-being. Furthermore, this potential incident highlights not only the importance of incorporating reliable safety features into automated systems but also the potential legal and financial ramifications for businesses like Bunnings. A failure in such technology could lead to significant injury, resulting in substantial liability claims against the company.

The implementation of SafeGate has not only mitigated the risks associated with physical barriers but has also enhanced the overall efficiency of our parking operations. By eliminating the need for physical boom gates, we reduce maintenance costs and improve the aesthetic appeal of the parking environment. Furthermore, SafeGate’s integration with our ticketless system streamlines the entry and exit process, facilitating a smoother, more convenient experience for users.

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