Critical infrastructure requires smart vehicle management systems. By combining state of the art technology, software and billing systems Sensor Dynamics can ensure seamless landside and ground transport operations.

Sensor Dynamics has a proven track record in providing solutions and support to major airports, providing vehicle management, auditing and billing systems for airport car parks, ground transport hubs, and taxi holding areas. Our systems afford automation in place of time and labour intensive processes which results in a better experience for customers using the airport facilities, and easier management for ground transport staff. Security is also important and our systems are able to provide targeted alerting for vehicles of interest, abandoned vehicles monitoring and deny entry / refuse exit at gates to known offenders.

Sensor Dynamics understands that any capital investment can be a costly and time consuming process, especially on sites with strict controls which is why we are able to offer our clients temporary and leased equipment that can be used towards feasibility studies and design phase testing. If you have a vehicle management problem on your precinct our technical sales consultants are ready and able to guide you towards the most cost efficient solution design.


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