University Of The Sunshine Coast Case Study

The University of the Sunshine Coast had a Pay-By-Plate system provided by Integrated Technology Solutions (ITSL) however facilities management found existing procedures for checking suspect vehicles were inefficient. In order to ensure appropriate use of the car park and bring certainty to revenue capture, mobile permit compliance was implemented to complement the ITS parking meters.

Sensor Dynamics provided a mobile LPR kit for staff to conduct sweeps of the parking areas. The LPR server was integrated into the ITSL parking system and downloads all the permits as they are purchased from the parking meters.

Key Features

  • Live sync of permits from ITSL as they occur from the meters
  • Alerts on vehicles with no permits or expired permits
  • Alerts on vehicles parked in incorrect zones
  • On the spot enforcement
  • Cloud hosted online reporting portal
  • Watch list management through LPRnet

Fast Facts

  • Integration into ITSL Ezicom system
  • Mobile LPR system with window mounted camera
  • Download ~4000 permits from ITSL in < 2mins
  • The systems detects between 400-450 infringements per month