Transport for NSW Case Study

The Problem

Transport for NSW (TfNSW) was requiring visibility of the Heavy Vehicles driving along the motorways, particularly in Regional NSW. Heavy vehicles pose damage threats to motorways as well as structural integrity risks to bridges along NSW roads.

As a result of this concern, TfNSW released compliance rules and infringements at which Heavy Vehicles were required to adhere to. However,  TfNSW required a method in order to track and enforce. Alongside that movement, data collection was required in order to develop Transport Corridors and gauge their viability for Heavy Vehicles to pass through for efficient and safe movement.

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Traffic AI ready for deployment Traffic AI
Traffic AI Gundagai Bridge

The Solution

In response, Sensor Dynamics was engaged to undertake the responsibility of collecting required data. The solution inhabits complex ITS equipment which extend to cameras and a vast array of sensors, as well as renewable power sources including solar and wind power.

Across the duration of the project, the produced result ended up being deployed all across NSW and was established as Traffic AI. As a result, TfNSW is able to gain insight on the percentage of heavy vehicles passing through each point identified against truck classifications to enforce the appropriate motorway restrictions.

Working alongside the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR), the Traffic AI Rigs have been able to determine and assist TfNSW with the implementation of accurate heavy vehicle transport corridors. These routes are designed to restrict the access to certain routes that contain bridges and roads with limited load-bearing capacity.

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Key Features

  • 76 Traffic AI Rigs across NSW
  • Full Traffic Visibility
  • Complex Camera and Sensor ITS Infrastructure
  • Complete Data Insights
  • Portable Traffic Monitoring
  • Self-sustaining power source via Solar Power
  • Cloud Hosted Solution
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